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LipoTrim Slimming Clinic

Have you always dreamt of losing weight rapidly and experiencing an increase in energy and stamina in a nutritionally safe and sound system?

The Lipotrim weight loss regime involves a supervised, very low calorie, total food replacement diet which has been shown to produce a safe but very rapid weight loss.

The fat-burning diet consistently produces about one stone weight loss (14lb) in the first 2 weeks and then one stone or so every 3 or 4 weeks thereafter, until a sensible target weight is achieved.

I normally see clients every week or two in order to encourage and give advice and check on progress.

Lipotrim employs the body’s own cleverly designed physiological processes to enable the client to use his or her own fat reserves as a calorie source. We deprive the body of its favourite sugars and carbohydrates and in a matter of a day or two the body switches to burning body fat as fuel and the re-shaping of your contours begins.

Lipotrim allows you to become pro-active in weight loss and improved self-esteem, rather than reactive to excessive weight gain and reduced physical activity. Lipotrim can break the vicious cycle of weight gain.

Lipotrim simply provides an adequate calorie gap between calorie intake and energy expenditure which causes effective and safe weight loss in all patients. The diet produces a mild physiological ketosis which blunts and reduces hunger and gives the patient a feeling and sense of enhanced well-being. Many patients say that they are not physically hungry at all and feel more “in control” mentally, physically and emotionally. And although substantial weight loss can be achieved patients can be reassured that they will not end up with excessive loose skin despite their considerable fat burning losses.

Medication for obesity : (

Where appropriate, drug treatments are available that can generate weight loss and prevent the regain of excess body fat  (

The aim is to establish energy balance at a lower body weight. Therefore, the medication either reduces calorie absorption from food or stimulates energy expenditure (or both).

ORLISTAT is an intestinal lipase inhibitor which generates malabsorption of about one-third of dietary fat in-take. It can lead to upwards of 10% weight loss in over half of patients and the weight loss is often maintained. If the patient eats too much fat it is not absorbed and they will have fatty diarrhoea (steatorrhoea).

SIBUTRAMINE inhibits the re-uptake of noradrenaline and serotonin, promoting and prolonging satiety: patients are satisfied with a meal and do not crave more food. Some patients may record a rise in blood pressure and therefore it is essential to monitor BP  (

RIMONABANT is the first cannaboid-1 receptor antagonist to be licensed for obesity treatment. Stimulation of these receptors in the brain causes hunger and promotes eating. Block them with rimonabant and we can see 10% weight loss in two thirds of patients, well maintained for 2 years in clinical trials. (


The key to weight loss programmes is to prevent weight regain. Diet and exercise play a central role in preventing obesity and remain the first line treatment for the condition. Obesity cannot be “cured” by special diets or medication and effective management needs to include a life-long maintenance programme and change in life style and palate. Obesity is often linked with the potential risks of developing diabetes and cardiovascular problems as well as joint pains, osteo-arthritis, sleep disturbances, including sleep apnoea, and depression.

The lipotrim maintenance advice is comprehensive and detailed, but can be simply summarised as the adoption, long term, of a low fat, low carbohydrate, high protein diet with healthy fruit and vegetables, copious water and adequate safe exercise. This would certainly suit those with insulin resistance to try to iron out the peaks and troughs in daily insulin and blood sugar levels and reduce the craving for another sugar-hit chocolate bar!


No GP letter is required but please inform the call centre staff that you are seeking an appointment for weight loss and slimming or say you wish to attend the Lipotrim clinic. There is an initial consultation fee of £45 but all follow up and reviews are then entirely free (except for the cost of Lipotrim or medication etc)

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