Publications and Presentations

Geoff has had more than thirty presentations to learned societies or international meetings and more than fifty publications (including chapters in text books). For example:

Diseases of the Peritoneum 2nd edition – (chapter in text book).Hutchinson GH, in Diseases of the GUT and Pancreas. Eds. JJ Misiewicz, RE Pounder & CW Venables,
Chap.76, p.1047-1059 1994

Minor Surgery for the GP – (chapter in text book)
GP and Pulse articles were collected and published in text book format by Oxford Medical Publishers 1993

Open Access Gastroscopy – too much to swallow?
Kerrigan D, Brown SK, Hutchinson GH.
BMJ 1990:300 374-376

(Following this study, he was invited onto the UK advisory panel for direct access endoscopy)

A randomised trial comparing Mesalazine and Prednisolone Foam enemas in patients with acute distal ulcerative colitis.
Lee Fl et al GUT 1996: 38, 229-233
(He has also contributed to six studies of clinical efficacy (Stage III trials) in upper GI and colonic medication for reflux, dyspepsia, Helicobacter Pylori eradication and ulcerative colitis)

Suction Drains in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy : Surgical Abstracts – a review of current topics in surgery 1998

Prospective randomised controlled trial to compare skin staples and polypropylene for securing the mesh in inguinal hernia repair.
C Roshanlall, GH Hutchinson, Br J Surg 1998. 85.1451

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